Corporate Culture Awareness

Mergers, acquisitions, the opening of foreign subsidiaries, and entering new markets are heavily dependent on international teams but are you aware of your corporate culture?

Culture drives business performance when it is aligned with strategy and the business environment! 

Culture represents the “unwritten rules” for how things work in the organization: It is the manifestation of the shared values, beliefs and hidden assumptions that shape how work gets done and how people respond to one another. Understanding the cultures of those around you, will enhance communication, productivity and unity in the workplace. Everyone is different and this difference matters!

My goal is to help organizations align their corporate culture and team dynamics with their business strategy to sustain the growth.
Fortunately, with the right methodology, culture can be assessed and translated into actions that lead to top results. Corporate

Cultural Awareness training sessions help organizations diminish and overcome to barriers lead you to success.

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the relationship between culture and the organization
  • Understand the key characteristics of organizational culture
  • Identify different images of organizations and how these relate to different organizational forms
  • Isolate where your organization sits within the cultural web
  • Build good and peaceful relations within your organization
  • Maximize your business potential within your diverse team