Country Specific Culture

Have you ever you realized how much culture impacts our life? Cultural awareness, cultural mind-set and business etiquettes are all crucial for our business.

Business etiquette differs from region to region and from country to country. Therefore, this creates a hard situation for business people to balance the focus on both international business etiquette and business activities at the same time. Therefore, focusing on key pillars of business etiquette is a must and a vital piece of the professional success!

This Country Specific Culture and Business Etiquette training is customized for each client, it is not about memorizing rules but focusing on building better business relationships by applying the underlying principles of values, etiquette; generational differences, business social situations, image and attire, workplace civility, business meetings, and the ever-popular dining etiquette, which is taught over a meal.                       

Training Outcome:

  • Strengthen your communication and collaboration with colleagues and business partners from the specific country/culture
  • Business etiquette awareness will maximize the return on your business
  • Feel at home whenever you travel abroad