Culture-wise Leadership

Behind every successful leader is a vibrant culture that engages and energizes the team!

Running a global enterprise requires cultural intelligence as well as industry knowledge and technical expertise. The leadership skills need to be upgraded to be able to tackle the new level of diversity.

Today’s leaders need to be adept at leading and managing people of different cultures; they need to listen to the "voices of the people" as well as understand what those voices may be telling them. Do not hesitate to contact me to develop your Leadership skills upgraded with Cultural Intelligence.

Training Outcome:

  • A thorough understanding of one’s Personal Cultural Profile and its impact on leadership behaviour
  • More adept at influencing business partners from a different culture 
  • An increased awareness of culture’s key drivers and their impact on you as a global leader
  • An understanding of how different communication styles affect international business and leadership
  • Improved communication skills to positively interact and lead colleagues and counterparts in a global context
  • Enhanced leadership skills to inspire and motivate people across cultures