Intercultural Communication

Going global! Constant mutations and exchanges between people are continuous; the ability to navigate successfully across cultures is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity!

I will lead you to understand the behaviors, values and expectations of other cultures and integrate the cultural similarities & differences that make us so different but also so unique! This interactive training is based on the “7 dimensions” culture model with

Intercultural Awareness Profiler. With IAP you will see where you stand in the intercultural dimensions.

Per our clients’ wishes, our approach can be different:

  • General overview of cultures’ impact on business behavior
  • Your own culture in relation to other cultures

I recommend this intercultural communication training to people with the following expectations:  

  • Relocation /expatriation 
  • Working Globally:
    • Get smooth working relationships (face to face / virtual)
    • Anticipation of possible problems between people
    • Building on cultural differences
  • Identification of the keys to understanding different cultural perspectives.
    • Intercultural marketing – brand building