Multicultural Marketing

How to create and develop a long lasting marketing success and brand value in this global market?

It is critical to understand the cultural relationship because the influence of culture on marketing or brand building is high.

Cultural differences on international market affect the adaptation of the product, service, price and promotion. What will the market bear? What can your brand and business model bear? What are the key triggers to customer loyalty? How to keep long lasting client relations? Which colors to use? Which marketing channel to use?

Remember to ensure your logo, name, concept or colors do not offend other cultures. And keep in mind “If you want to sell what Mr Brown or Mr Ali buys, you have to see things through their eyes.” That is good advice for anyone who wants to sell a product or service in this global market with success.

The key areas we advise in cross-cultural marketing and branding are:

  • Name development
  • Concepts 
  • Colors
  • Images 
  • Logos 
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing channels