Problem Solving & Decision-Making

How do cultural values influence individuals' decision making? Individualistic values and collectivist values influence individuals' decision making.

People with different cultural backgrounds have different expectations, norms and values, which in turn have the potential to influence their judgments and decisions as well as their subsequent behavior.

A country’s orientation influences the level of thinking in which decisions are made. The deep roots of the culture’s norms, traditions, rituals and stories imprint specific generational preferences that impact organizational values and the decision-making process of leaders and followers. Leaders made decisions influenced by cultural preferences.

The success of the decision-making depends on what is appropriate and expected in the cultural environment. These expectations might be quite different and be aware of this difference!

Training Outcome:

  • Better decision-making skills through increased Cultural Awareness
  • Understand the relationship and the differences between cultures
  • Gain a range of strategies to become more effective
  • Understand the cultural dimensions impacting decision making