Welcome to China

For companies with a global outlook, having a foothold in China is a growing necessity. Accepting an international assignment can present a variety of challenges for your family.
However, assignment failure or a lengthy transition period is a waste of time and resources for the corporation and the employee.

I help you to speed the transition and feel at home from your arrival onwards by creating a customized transition program. This training helps expatriates adjust to their new environment and prepare for a successful daily life in China. This highly effective transition programs consider a company’s objectives, the transitioning executive’s role, and the context of the Chinese operating environment. 

The goal of this tailored program is for the executive to understand the essential demands of the situation, and to build the skills and flexibility to meet these demands in the shortest period.

The value of Welcome to China program is an increased rate of executive success and time saved and happy people!

‘If you enter a region, ask what its prohibitions are; ‘If you visit a country, ask what its customs are; If you cross a family’s threshold, ask what its taboos are" - Li Ji