I deliver interactive training sessions so that the participants practice while sharpening their skills. I provide the benefits of the following assessment tools that can be used individually or at a group level:

A grounded understanding of the relationship between culture and the workplace through the Trompenaars Seven Dimensions of Culture mode.

Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP) and the Culture Compass: 

The Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP) is designed to assess the personal orientation and choices that individuals make when resolving intercultural business issues. Using a range of diagnostic questions, the questionnaire is able to elicit individual cross- cultural orientations against the Seven Dimensions of Culture model developed by Fons Trompenaars 

Culture Compass OnLine (CCOL) The Culture Compass Online (CCOL) is an interactive, country-specific, web-based e-learning application for international managers, business travellers, expatriates and others who regularly deal with different cultures. The purpose of the CCOL is to increase the cross-cultural awareness and skills of the individual user. 

The Diversity Icebreaker® (DI) is a training and development concept typically used in six different areas:

  • Cross-cultural Training 
  • Team, Leadership, Project work and Innovation seminars
  • Diversity Management
  • Communication Training and Conflict Management
  • Self-understanding and Leadership Development

Diversity Icebreaker® builds on a questionnaire measuring preferences for communication, interaction and different problem-solving styles. Participants fill in the questionnaire and through unique group processes develop a shared understanding of how to make use of the diversity. The DI concept has been present on the market since 1995 and is used worldwide.